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Energy efficiency in gas consumption - currently more important than ever!

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Energy controlling and monitoring measures for electricity consumption have long been established in many places. This is because companies want to know which machines or areas consume how much electricity. The aim: to optimize technically or through intelligent control where effects can be achieved quickly and sustainably. The situation is completely different for natural gas. Submetering is still rare here, at least in non-production areas. But even here, significant savings can be achieved through energy controlling.

Metering concepts and energy controlling systems work with meters that determine energy consumption where it actually takes place. What this means can be illustrated using an example: Let's assume that we are planning a metering concept for a complex consisting of several buildings. In this specific case, all buildings are heated by centrally sourced natural gas. It is therefore clear how much primary heating energy is consumed in the form of natural gas per year. After all, the total quantity purchased is shown on the procurement invoice.
However, in order to find out which building requires how much energy, the natural gas consumption (or heat consumption) must be measured at defined sub-points. The more detailed this is, the better. It provides more transparency and expands the scope for action.

How can energy and natural gas be saved?

Anyone who knows the exact energy consumption of buildings or appliances has gained information. The second step, however, is to use the collected data intelligently. This is possible with energy management software. It evaluates the data in detail and adjusted for weather conditions. This makes it clear where the specific optimization potential lies in the buildings.
The continuous collection of data enables better monitoring and control of appliances, so that higher energy consumption - for example due to a defect or incorrect parameterization - is noticed more quickly. Just like technical optimization measures, this can help to save energy.

How much can metering point operation cost? Three percent.

Every company is individual. Nevertheless, there is a general answer to this question when setting up energy controlling: the rule of thumb of 3 percent. It states that a meaningful system can be implemented for a maximum of 3 percent of annual energy costs.
If a metering infrastructure is already in place, this can of course be incorporated into the system. The positive effect: the investment is quickly recouped through the savings that can be achieved.

Is a metering concept subsidized?

As part of the "Energy and resource efficiency in industry" program, applications for funding for measurement concepts can be submitted to BAFA. Module 3 "MSR, sensor technology and energy management software" was created for this purpose. Eligible for funding are software, sensors, control technology, licenses, technology and costs for data transmission as well as the instruction and training of employees. The maximum funding amount is 15 million euros per investment project and up to 40 percent of the eligible investment costs.

How can you proceed in concrete terms?

  • The first step is to define the measuring points. This involves following the energy flow - and recording the areas or appliances that have a high energy consumption. It also makes sense to give priority to measuring areas where measures for greater efficiency can be easily implemented.
  • You should take all influencing factors - such as weather data and temperatures - into account. This is the only way to obtain truly meaningful data.
  • You need to install the necessary measurement technology. Important: If you work systematically here, you will avoid unnecessary additional costs. For example, by ensuring that the infrastructure takes possible future expansions into account right from the start.
  • The collected data must be transferred to the software. This is because it gives you all the options for evaluation.
  • You should define contact persons in the company who are responsible for the topic. After all, the system can only play to its strengths if it is used on a permanent basis.

Our tip: If you have any questions, always get specialists on board. That way you are on the safe side.

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